Wooden wall panels – mixed wood – 0.99m2
There is no better way to give your office, home workspace or living room some extra character than this wallcovering made of different types (and colors) of wood. The panels also come into their own in catering establishments, hotels and other business spaces. These 100% natural wall panels are beautiful, modern and give a warm touch to any room. Because each wall panel has different depths, structures and colors, each part of the wall will have a unique appearance. A real eye-catcher!

Wall Panels Set
These wall panels are supplied as a set. One set consists of 11 panels of 55 x 18 x 2 cm and has a total area of ​​0.99 square meters. The panels are easy to install with mounting kit.

The wall panels owe their rustic appearance to the use of all residual wood, including wood with natural defects such as sapwood, knots, cracks, wormholes, smooth and/or rough, discolouration and saw marks. This really gives you a wall with a unique appearance, which you can keep looking at endlessly.

Package: 0,99 m2/carton
package size: 55,5×18,5x23CM
Package weight: GW 7,5KG and NW 7.2KG

Wood panels details

Stock: sold

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