Winter SET of 5 pcs

Winter set car 5-piece – ice scraper – snow broom – snow shovel – puller -telescope pole + handle

Package: 6 pcs/carton

EAN 4052025294632

Stock: 380 pcs

Everyone knows that annoying feeling when you have to go to work, but your windows are frozen and snowed shut. With the winter set you can easily wipe away the loose snow and then remove the stubborn ice. The telescopic handle allows you to reach all angles without having to dislocate. The set is also suitable for high cars, such as SUVs, Vans or buses. With the handy snow shovel you have cleared the way to the car in no time. Dimensions winter set in detail – Telescopic handle can be extended by approx. 60, 79 and 98 cm – Snow blade W x D: approx. 18 x 8 cm – Length snow blade with handle: approx. 97, 115 and 134 cm – Snow broom W x D: approx. 27 x 14.5 cm – Ice scraper W x D: approx. 10 x 10 cm – Length ice scraper-snow broom combination: approx. 89, 107 and 128 cm More details of snow package – Weight: approx. 1 kg – Material: Plastic, metal – Color : Black, silver Practical winter accessory for the car – Reach all angles thanks to telescopic handle – Also suitable for large cars, SUV, bus and truck – Ice broom with 180 ° rotatable head – Ice scraper against ice on the windshield – Ice broom against loose snow the car – Handy snow shovel for free paths Scope of delivery – 1 x Ice scraper – 1 x snow broom with tractor – 1 x handle – 1 x snow shovel – 1 x telescopic handle –

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