Whether you want a summer holiday or a short city trip – A trip is rarely cheap. Then it helps to set aside a little money in advance. With this cute pig with 2 suitcases on the back, saving becomes much more fun. Through a small slot, both change and notes can be put in the holiday pot. The animal money box from ceramics is also a nice gift idea for a birthday, wedding or final exam or as a teenage gift. With its cute design, the piggy bank makes adults as happy as children. Travel piggy bank in detail – Dimensions H x W x D: approx. 11 x 7 x 10 cm – Weight: approx. 170 g – Material: Ceramics – Color: Black, yellow, orange Pig travel pot – Perfect for saving money for the next holiday – Original money box as an idea for birthday, wedding etc. – Suitable for both coins and notes – For all people with a desire to travel – With rubber stopper as closure and anti-slip pads

Package: each piece is in a white carton including barcode
EAN: 4052025237417

Stock: 900 pcs

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