Sunware pedal duobin 40L

This Duo pedal bin of 40 liters is very versatile due to the many layout options. This pedal bin is equipped with a handy system to neatly separate your waste. You can open and close the lid with the foot pedal.
The garbage bag attachment system offers space for 2 garbage bags. You can therefore organize this pedal bin in 2 different ways:
1. Two equal halves (half/half)
2. No division; use for 1 type of waste
The garbage bags are easy to attach to the white separation in the middle. Because you can hang 2 garbage bags in it, you create one trash can for 2 types of waste. In addition, you can easily link two or even three or four of the same products together. This way you can easily and quickly create a waste separation system with a larger capacity.

EAN: 8711112293021

Stock: 1380 pcs
28 pcs/pallet

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