When the water is already running in your mouth, when you think of the tasty smoke taste of meat or fish, then this smoke box should not be missing from your grill accessories. It does not matter whether you use a gas, charcoal or bullet barbecue. The smoker box comes in a handy bag, which makes it possible to take it with you. After barbecuing, you were best to wash the smoke box made of high-quality stainless steel with a little washing-up liquid and warm water. Smokebox stainless steel in detail •

Dimensions H x W x D: approx. 3.5 x 21 x 13 cm

Wall thickness: approx. 1 mm • Material box: Stainless steel • Material bag: Polyester • Weight: approx. 440 g Professional smoking accessory • Enjoy grilled meat with a nice smoky taste • Smoke with smoke flour, hardwood or herbs • Suitable for gas, bullet or charcoal barbecue • With handy storage bag • Clean stainless steel box by hand Note: Place filled box when grilling on barbecue or with gas barbecue between fires and roster. Allow to cool after use or remove with grill glove. Do not place food on the smoke box, so that the smoke taste can develop better.

Package: full color retail package
EAN: 4052025232900

Stock: 1070 pcs

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