It is a tray with parasol, made of solid materials and is available in various fresh colors (white, pink/red and yellow). The tray has a diameter of 33 cm.

You can store the CuliSol completely flat and it can be (dis)assembled with three simple actions.

Your drink and/or snacks remain up to 15 degrees cooler under the umbrella than when they are in the sun. It can also have a bit of wind because up to wind force 4 it just stays on your table. This makes it ideal for camping or on the beach.

The tray is made of melamine and is dishwasher safe
Flexible metal stand with silicone shell
Sun protection polypropylene umbrella shade

Designs: White & Black dots / Yellow & White  /  Pink & rainbow

White & Black dots   612 pcs
Yellow & White          990 pcs
Pink & rainbow          828 pcs
Total: 2430 pcs

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