SEONSURO Memory Foam Gel Pillow 40x80CM

MEMORY FOAM PILLOWS Are you having a hard time getting to sleep Have you tried down pillows, feather pillows, or even shredded memory foam pillows, to no avail Maybe it’s time to get rid of your old, worn-out pillow and invest in a newly memory foam pillow!

1. Scientific Ergonomic Design: Well fit your neck curve and support your head, neck and shoulder, reduce neck, cervical pain.
2. Soft and Supportive: With three different sizes to choose from and a comfortable mid-loft design, this pillow is great for back, stomach, and side sleepers
3. Ventilated Design: Use open-cell memory foam and added ventilation holes to increase air circulation.
4. High Quality Filler: Filling has been injected into a cooling gel, which is designed to keep you cool all night.
5. Removable  Cover: Ultra-soft removable cover is built to maintain quality through multiple washings to ensure a simple and fresh experience night after night.

SPECIFICATIONS: Pillow Quantity: 1 Pack Inner Cover: Smooth hypoallergenic fabric liner Pillow Filling: Gel memory foam

1. Take it out ,slight hit and squeeze, then leave it about 6 hours let it fully expand .
2. Consider put it in a dryer on low heat settings for 5-10 mins to speed up the fluff process .
3. There will be a slight material flavor after opening, please don’t worry that they are harmless. Air for a few hours to eliminate trapped odors. A good night’s sleep will make you dynamic and a comfy pillow is a requirement to assist you achieve that. The most comfortable and unbroken sleep imaginable is for our clients. You may also now!

Stock: 380 pcs

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