Rose petals set of 500 pcs in 4 colors

Brand: Relaxdays

Create romance! – Red rose petals
Super sprinkle decoration for birthdays, silver weddings, New Years Eve, wedding anniversaries, a romantic dinner and much more. – Also ideal wedding gifts and wedding decorations
To embellish a dinner for two, a wedding proposal or Valentine’s Day
Robust textile, odorless
Each sheet measures approx. 4 x 4 cm

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Red: EAN 4052025972370. Stock is 3094 sets
White: EAN 4052025972387. Stock is 1642 sets
Bordeaux: EAN 4052025972394. Stock is 1858 sets
Champagne: EAN 4052025972363. Stock is 2182 sets

Each set is packed in a transparant plastic bag including barcode. Perfect for online sales and shops.

Total 8776 sets

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