Recharcheable Electric wine opener

Practical and time-saving: Choosing this electric wine bottle opener is the most convenient way to open most wine bottles. It can do all the hard work so you can sit back and enjoy a pair of glasses. Just 3 steps to remove the cork in no time.
Smooth and Portable: The openers are made of stainless steel and have smooth operation. The blue LED light is an integrated indicator that distinguishes between ascending and descending. Practical to grip, because small dimensions can be stored
Automatic and durable: just lightly press the button, the cork will be removed from the opener automatically. It is a real automatic wine opener. Reusable for the next time you end this happy journey
Super easy to use: place the opener at the top of the bottle and press the button, the cork will be removed within seconds. The screw extracts the cork and can then be easily removed from the screw
Perfect Gift: This electric corkscrew is a great gift for moms or dads, your hands if you discover manual wine opening and fixing and turning the cork bottle opener, especially with arthritic hands

Full color package

Stock: 576 pcs

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