Keeping to the preparation time is a breeze with the handy kitchen timer. Just set the desired time (maximum 60 min) and look forward to a perfect egg, cupcakes or cup of tea.
Batteries are not required for use.
To activate it, you only have to wind the kitchen timer in beautiful safe button design and then set it to the desired time.
The magnetic kitchen timer attaches to refrigerators, oven or wall tables – handy!
Use: The timer must be turned clockwise to 60 minutes before use.
Then set counterclockwise to the desired time to ensure that the clock emits a sound afterwards.
Magnetic timer in detail – Dimensions H x D: approx. 4 x 9 cm – Material Iron, ABS plastic – Weight: approx. 100 g –
Max: Time: 60 min Timer for the kitchen – Perfect timing of tea, eggs, cupcakes, cake etc. –  Great safe button design

Package: each pc is packed in plastich including barcode

Stock: 0 pcs

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