The versatile kitchen tongs are a real must-have for grill professionals. The stainless steel tongs are perfect for turning and serving steaks and sausages, fish, vegetables or a crispy salad. Thanks to the handy non-slip rubber, you always have a good grip on the barbecue tongs and can keep enough distance to the fire. The tongs made of plastic make the BBQ tongs a real all-rounder, because even coated pans can be used without problems, without leaving scratches. BBQ tongs stainless steel in detail • Dimensions H x W x D: approx. 3.5 x 3.5 x 30 cm • Weight: approx. 80 g • Max. Width: approx. 17 cm • Diameter eye: approx. 1 cm • Material: Stainless steel and nylon • With colored handle and tongs • Different colors available Practical serving tongs for daily use • Dishwasher and stainless steel • BBQ tongs for steaks and sausages to turn • Lettuce cutlery to serve • Also suitable for coated pots and pans • Tongs with space-saving closing mechanism – Easy to pull the eye

Colors: Green, Red, Blue and grey

Package: Transparant plastic including barcode

Green: 1030 pcs
Red: 1180 ocs
Blue: 1160 pcs
Grey: 1640 pcs

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