Kids sunglasses UV400 including cord

100% sun protection. UV400
Suitable for kids between 3-8 years old

Available @ Decathlon for €14,99 —> Check here  with 689 reviews

Thanks to the fit and the drawstring, these sunglasses for children are ideal for sports and play. That way you don’t lose it. The glasses enclose the face well, because they are equipped with a strap. This way your child is 100% protected against the harmful UV rays!
Protects your child’s eyes 100% against the sun
The lenses are made of unbreakable polycarnonate with a category 4 filter
The strap ensures that the glasses stay in place
Sustainably designed
Sun protection class 4
Pink with cord
Weight: 34 grams
Width: 13 cm
Leg length: 11 cm
The frame is made of flexible TPE material
Complies with EU regulation for personal protective equipment

Stock: 2700 pcs

Approx 70% of the stock is Pink.  approx 30% is in blue


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