Inventum KZ813D coffee machine

Product benefits of the Inventum KZ813D coffee maker
Capacity of 1.25 liters for 10 cups of coffee
For ground coffee
Glass coffee pot
Coffee strength adjustable
Timer and clock
With drip stop
Automatic switch-off after 40 minutes
Removable filter holder
Filter size 1 x 4
Descaling detector
Coffee strength adjustable
With the coffee strength regulator you determine the speed at which the water flows and therefore the strength of your coffee. For mild coffee, the water flows through a little faster than for strong coffee.

Want to wake up to freshly brewed coffee? This is possible with the KZ712D, because you can easily set the time at which the device should start using the timer. You always have a delicious cup of freshly brewed coffee at the time that suits you best.

Drip stop
The drip stop allows you to remove the coffee carafe from under the device without drops of coffee falling on the plate. This way your coffee maker stays cleaner.

Automatic shutdown
Your coffee stays nice and warm for up to 40 minutes after brewing. The device then switches off automatically. Your coffee pot does not boil dry and you do not use more energy than necessary.

Descaling detector
Descale your coffee maker regularly. It is best to do this after approximately 60 coffee brewing times or when the descaling symbol on the KZ813D starts flashing.

EAN: 8712876105117

Stock: 1692 pcs

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