Dice games are not only something for the home at the dining table. Players of any age can try their luck with wooden dice. For example at home on the floor or outside on a lawn in the fresh air. The black eyes of the dice do not have to be searched for with a magnifying glass, but because of their size they are also recognizable for seniors. The wooden dice are hollow on the inside and therefore very light. The XL dice are also suitable as building blocks for making towers in the nursery. XL dice – set of 6 pieces – Size dice H x W x D: approx. 9 x 9 x 9 cm – Material: Wood – Weight dice: approx. 90 g – Color: Brown Set of dice – Dice game for young and old – Suitable for inside and outside – Black, clear eyes – Hollow inside and therefore very light – As game accessories for board games – The stones are also nice as building blocks Scope of delivery – 6 x dice.

Package: Full color retail package

EAN: 4052025234867

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