This convertible balcony bench by Esschert Design saves space and is ideal for small balconies or terraces. Their sophistication shows when spontaneously a small dinner for two is pending or guests come to visit. Then you can transform the 2-seater bench with a few simple steps into a 2-seater with folding table. Magic!
Esschert Design produces unique garden furniture. The ideas are developed in collaboration with European designers in-house based in the Netherlands. The products combine quality and originality with functionality. They are surprising and innovative.


White: 44 pcs (EAN 87149825095832)
Green: 212 pcs (EAN 87149825095849)
Red: 247 pcs ((EAN 87149825095856)
Blue: 136 pcs (EAN 87149825095863)
White: 252 pcs (EAN 4038718762817)

Outher size: 104x23x80CM

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