• Everything included in the set: plate, cutlery, 2 compartments
  • The perfect way to combine plates with a first class event – this innovative product offers comfort and practicality without compromising style
  • Comes complete with matching glasses that can be relocated, a pot for sauce and compartments for you to easily maneuver the crowd, or enjoy your food in the comfort of your seat.
  • Don’t worry about breaking it or double, either because of the clamping plate is tough and difficult to break; whether you’re planning a party, a picnic, a barbecue or an important role, caterplate is always the most sensible choice – give your guests the best with caterplate.
  • Product Features: • Easy to use • Lightweight • High quality
  • Re-usable and dishwasher proof
  • Because they are re-usable they are also perfect to use after the new EU plastic law of 2021!

100 grams/pcs

Size: 26 x 26 x 3,5 CM

RED: 16128 pcs
BLUE: 6912 pcs

BULK Package:
2304 pcs of 1 color in a pallet of 80x120x125 (not stackable)

Check the product video HERE

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