Cake pop set

Set is:
1x Cape pop baking silicone for 20 pieces
120x Cake pop sticks

Weight: 180 gr
Size: 4x18x22CM
Material: Silicone
Color: Red

Cake pops are the snack trend from the United States. With the cake pop baking pan, the small cakes on sticks are made in no time. Determine the ingredients you want to use. Place the dough in the bottom silicone mold and place the top on top. And then hop into the oven! With the established sticks you can test the cake is good door trays. Then the cakes on the sticks can be decorated and decorated according to your own taste.Use the silicone baking mold also for making chocolate or ice cubes.Cake pop shapes put in detail

EAN: 4052025243272

Stock: Approx 1000 pcs

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