Avoid tension in the muscles resulting in unpleasant pain and poor posture and train your muscles at the same time. With this foam roller from form-retaining foam you can do various exercises to improve your balance, strengthen muscles and improve blood circulation. With this you can do something for your health and well-being with a few minutes a week. The ribbed texture on the massage roll improves your blood circulation and helps you to relax your muscles. With the foam roller, overloaded muscles recover faster, muscle nodes (trigger points) are removed and tensions in the muscles are combated. This way you can prevent muscle pain and remove pain due to a wrong posture after a workout. Note: if you have no experience with a similar foam roller consult a doctor or physical therapist if in doubt. Details foam roller • Massage roll to massage yourself •

Material: Polyethylene foam • Hardness: medium (60-65) • Can be loaded up to 150 kg • Flammable, free of plasticizers and dyes • Color: blue Foam roller for fascia exercises • Remove tensions and muscle knots • Before using massage of the back, neck and spine • Strengthen connective tissue and improve mobility • Extremely robust, odorless, durable, easy to clean • Pack in the bag and carry • Perfect for neck, upper and lower back • Also suitable for calves and arms Scope of delivery • 1 massage roll duo ball • Carrying bag •

2 sizes

Package: Foam roller is inside the bag and there is transparant plastic including barcode around it

small: 130 pcs EAN 4052025973049
big: 200 pcs EAN 4052025973056

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